What we do:

In a lot of Eastern European countries people still live in poverty. Especially children, the old and the sick are often lacking vital basic supplies. Extremely low wages, high unemployment rates, decrease in retirement pay and widespread alcoholism. Fathers drink away the family’s income. Village populations are ageing as young people leave the country. The old and the sick are left to themselves, unable to afford medical treatment. There is a lack of food, clothing, shoes, warm blankets… a lack of everything really! Did you know the average pension is not even enough to cover a person’s rent and heating?

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We help and support children, youth, sick and elderly who are not able to help themselves. DHHN is highly reliable in bringing your donated goods and finances to people in need. Directly and securely. We only support projects that hand out goods directly to people in need.

We support orphanages so they can bring hope and a brighter future to children and youth in need. Schooling and vocational training gives them a chance to live an independend and self determined life.

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We support a hospital that provides free treatments for old sick people. If we work together we can give them more dignity.

We want to be fast and effective to help victims of disasters. However, most projects supported by DHHN aim to help in the long term. Ongoing cooperation with our project partners in each country is the best guarantee for really improving the standart of life.

How do we reach these goals?


In our own storage facility we collect, check, sort and pack all donated goods. We are raising support by encouraging companies and businesses to donate all kinds of goods. At least once a month one of our staff delivers humanitarian aid to our project partners by truck. We support a hospital that treats old and sick people free of charge.

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