Overseeing the daily output at DHHN is Julian Kirscher. His tasks range from office management, in-house organization, and inventory control, to communicating via newsletters with donors and sponsors on a weekly or monthly basis. He is also responsible for updating the website and facilitating donation inquiries with well know companies. In addition, he is the main driver for all the humanitarian aid missions to Eastern Europe and while on the road to deliver the goods, he stays in touch with in-country contacts, gaining valuable inside information on how to better assist the families and ministries supported by DHHN.

Julian’s Story

During my teenage years it was not uncommon for me to help out with various construction projects during the summer. My first assignment took me to Yugoslavia and after that I traveled to Romania several times. The main focus of our youth group in Romania was on renovating the assembly buildings. We all learned a lot during this time and we also had a lot of fun together. It was very rewarding and inspiring that we could bring such joy to these people in person – either through helping out in a practical way or playing soccer with them and singing on the streets. Upon my return, I realized that I had left my heart while serving in Romania. I fell in love with this country and its people. The beauty of this country fascinated me, yet I was shocked to see so much poverty and hardships. I was challenged by the conditions I encountered and how our simple acts were making a difference.

One day I got a call from my friend Stefan who told me about something he had read in a newspaper. It was about an “Invitation To A Movie Showing About A Humanitarian Aid Mission To Romania”. We knew that both of us had to attend! It was such an exciting night, and it fed the already burning flame and the desire in me to go and offer my time and resources, no matter how small! My father and I approached the leader, Reinhold Wahr, and asked him how I could help in a practical manner. Starting that night, I found myself helping out in the warehouse where they kept the humanitarian goods on every possible occasion. I was sorting, cleaning up, loading the truck – utterly excited about this opportunity. Once in a while I skipped school just to be able to go and help out!

When I finally had my driver’s license I was able to witness one of these humanitarian mission trips close up. My delegation escorted the truck to the destination. It was one very impressive and fascinating trip to Riga, filled with new impression!

The following winter I was on the road for my very own first humanitarian aid trip with my good friend Martin. We borrowed a VW van with a trailer and during our Christmas break we drove through deep snow to Brasov and the city of Petrosani in the Carpathian Mountains.  It was a challenge but we made it! This trip added to the already burning desire in me to do more trips like these. I was reminded of this every time I saw a little child walking barefoot in the snow. It became very clear to me: if not now, then when? If not you, then who?

However, I first had to finish my Abitur. During the following summer I worked hard to earn money for my truck drivers license. After that I did my civilian service at a relief organization in Nidda. While there, we were paired in teams of two and drove 7.5-ton trucks with trailer to Romania, Russia and to the Ukraine. Occasionally we took also a 40-ton humanitarian truck. We were all chasing adventures, challenges and deep experiences with God! After that time in the civilian service it became very clear to me: this is my life’s mission!

I decided to start a carpenter apprenticeship and I am still benefitting from it today! But once this time came to an end I started on as a fulltime employee with ORA in Ebhausen. Later on it was renamed Stiftung Salz (Salz Foundation). I founded my own non-profit organization in the year 2000, and DHHN was born.

My financial support comes from a circle of friends and although the money is tight my wife and I are absolutely astonished by Gods provision for us. But that’s another story and it would take hours for me to put it on paper!

I am totally blown away at how easy it is for us to help the people in Eastern Europe.

If not now, then when? If not you, then who? Maybe God is calling you to a similar mission!